The Salvation Army

Project Details

Completed 2017
Location Hayden Avenue and Doan Avenue; East Cleveland
Project Type Community facility; New construction
Program 31,000 SF Community center
Sponsor The Salvation Army
CDA Investment $10 million NMTC allocation and $1 million Ohio NMTC
Total Project Costs $36.2 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 33.2%
Median Income: 45.5%
Unemployment Rate: 10.5%


  • Job Creation

    The four sites are expected to create 28 FTE jobs.

  • Goods or Services to Low Income Communities

    The four facilities will provide homeless services, hunger relief and support services, direct emergency assistance, drug/alcohol treatment, workforce development, education and mental health/counseling services.

  • Healthy Food Financing

    The facilities will provide food pantries, daily meals and home meal delivery to the homebound. All four locations are considered a second tier food desert.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    The project sponsor committed to construction participation goals for Minority, Female, and Cleveland Small Businesses (MBE/FBE/CSB) as well as minority, female and City of Cleveland resident workers.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

    The projects will incorporate a number of sustainable design features.

  • Executed Community Benefits Agreement

    The project sponsor has committed to quantifiable community impacts by executing a Community Benefits Agreement.