The Cleveland Food Hub

The Cleveland Food Hub will serve Cleveland’s growing food manufacturing and distribution industry by providing an approved, licensed facility for food processing, assembly and packaging, and provide food companies and others in the food industry access to quality, affordable dry storage, refrigeration and freezer space. 

Project Partners: CF Bank, Ohio Finance Fund

Project Details

Completed 2018
Location 7501 Carnegie Avenue, Midtown neighborhood
Project Type Commercial; acquisition and renovation
Program 137,050 SF commercial
Sponsor Gordon Priemer
CDA Investment $450,000 CDA-CRF loan
Total Project Costs $3.5 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 46.6%
Median Income:
Unemployment Rate: 30.9%


  • Job Creation

    The Cleveland Food Hub will provide entrepreneurs the facility and technical assistance they need to continue to expand their food business. Supporting entrepreneurs helps grow small businesses and drive job creation, positively impacting our economy.