The Beauty Shoppe

The Beauty Shoppe (TBS), a co-working operator, will lease space as part of the Quarter project in Ohio City.  TBS provides an accessible, functional, professional and social workplace environment for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  The co-working business model is focused on affordability, by taking a large office space and making it available to small business owners and employees on a monthly membership fee basis that is drastically less cost and risk than taking on lease obligations for a larger space.

Project Details

Completed 2018
Location 2529 Detroit Avenue, Ohio City neighborhood
Project Type Commercial; renovation
Program 9,500 SF commercial
Sponsor The Beauty Shoppe
CDA Investment $200,000 CDA-CRF loan
Total Project Costs $415,000
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 37.2%
Median Income: 149.5%
Unemployment Rate: 12.9%


  • Job Creation

    Supporting entrepreneurs helps grow small businesses and drive job creation, positively impacting our economy.