St. Martin de Porres School

Saint Martin de Porres High School (SMDP) is a Cristo Rey Network school that provides children of modest economic means with an education experience that includes work study, service, leadership training and spirituality.  No student is turned down for inability to pay.  The existing school’s facilities are inadequate to support its enrollment and to maintain long-term success.  SMDP has undertaken A Step Along the Way capital campaign to construct a new 65,000 square feet school with flexible space for classroom, meeting and planning space, and a new student center.  The $17.9 million first phase, will construct a 43,100 SF wing of the building.

Project Partners: PNC

Project Details

Completed 2018
Location 6202 St. Clair Avenue; St. Clair Superior neighborhood
Project Type School; New construction and renovation
Program 43,100 SF
Sponsor St. Martin de Porres High School
CDA Investment $10 million NMTC allocation; $1 million Ohio NMTC; $700,000 ACDF loan
Total Project Costs $18 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 58.4%
Median Income: 15%
Unemployment Rate: 35.3%


  • Goods or Services to Low Income Community

    The investment will provide quality education and workforce development opportunities to low income children.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

    The project sponsor committed to construction participation goals for Minority, Female, and Cleveland Small Businesses (MBE/FBE/CSB) as well as minority, female and City of Cleveland resident workers.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

    The new construction is pursuing LEED Silver certification.

  • Executed Community Benefits Agreement

    The project sponsor has committed to quantifiable community impacts by executing a Community Benefits Agreement.