Lead Safe Home Fund

Cleveland has a lead poisoning crisis.  Lead exposure, at even low levels, can damage a developing brain and cause lifelong, often irreversible, problems affecting education, behavior, and health.  There is no safe blood level of lead, yet over 25% of Cleveland children test positive for lead prior to kindergarten.  The Lead Safe Home Fund (Fund) will enable borrowers to make lead interim control improvements for rental and owner-occupied properties.

Lead Safe Loans, Grants and Incentives – CHN Housing Partners

Project Details

Location City of Cleveland
Project Type
Sponsor CHN Housing Capital
CDA Investment $500,000
Total Project Costs $20 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate:
Median Income:
Unemployment Rate:


  • Advances Neighborhood Revitalization

    The City of Cleveland has adopted policy to require pre-1978 rental units to proactively achieve lead safe status. Residential units will be required to receive a Lead Safe Certification by passing a Lead Clearance conducted by an independent, certified lead safe worker.

  • Community Benefits Agreement

    The project sponsor has committed to quantifiable community impacts by executing a Community Benefits Agreement.

  • Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

    Lead-based paint and leaded dust are the primary cause of lead poisoning in Ohio. In Cleveland, more than 90% of the housing stock was built before 1978, the year residential lead-based paint was outlawed. Lead poisoning is a public health crisis with a housing solution.