Green City Growers Cooperative

The Green City Growers facility, an Evergreen Cooperative, is a worker-owned, hydroponic food production greenhouse.  The 5.35-acre greenhouse facility employs people from the community and produces approximately 2 million pounds of leafy greens per year and 300,000 pounds of fresh herbs each year that is marketed to companies within a 150-mile radius of Cleveland.

Project Partners: City of Cleveland; Cuyahoga County; National Development Council; US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Project Details

Completed 2012
Location 2012
Project Type Commercial; New Construction
Program 233,000 SF greenhouse facility
Sponsor Evergreen Cooperative Corp
CDA Investment $958,100 loan from CDP II
Total Project Costs $16.2 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 58.2%
Median Income: 26.9%
Unemployment Rate: 38.2%


  • Healthy Food Initiative

    The greenhouse is is currently producing bibb lettuce, green leaf lettuce, gourmet lettuces and basil.

  • Job Creation

    The project not only created 40 jobs, this co-op provides an opportunity for local residents to earn an ownership share of the company.

  • Accessible Public Transit

    The project is located on several major bus routes.