800 Superior – Cleveland Financial Center

Addressing the vacancy issue and related challenges of the NineTwelve District has been recognized by a number of civic and business interests as an important priority.  AmTrust Financial Services acquired and redeveloped the nearly-vacant building at 800 Superior Avenue for its operations bringing 1,000 new jobs to downtown Cleveland.


Project Partners: City of Cleveland; Cuyahoga County; Key Bank; State of Ohio

Project Details

Completed 2013
Location 800 Superior; Nine Twelve District (Downtown)
Project Type Mixed Use; Rehab
Program 475,000 SF office
Sponsor AmTrust Financial Services and Affiliate
CDA Investment $10 million NMTC allocation from CNMIF II
Total Project Costs $25 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 36.4%
Median Income: 116.5%
Unemployment Rate: 17.8%


  • Diversity and Inclusion

    The developer committed to construction participation goals for Minority, Female, and Cleveland Small Businesses (MBE/FBE/CSB) as well as minority, female, and City of Cleveland resident workers.

  • Job Creation

    The project sponsor relocated its operations to the project site bringing 1,000 new permanent jobs to downtown Cleveland.

  • Advances Neighborhood Revitalization

    The project advanced a community initiative by reducing the high office vacancy plaguing the Nine Twelve District.

  • Accessible Public Transit

    The project is located on several major bus routes and within several blocks of the RTA commuter rail line.