Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry

Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry (LMM) is a non-profit social service organization with a mission to serve and advocate for people with disabilities, people dealing with long term care needs, and people who are homeless.  LMM had outgrown its previous location and was struggling to meet community needs and advance additional programs.  The development of LMM’s new headquarters, known as the Richard Sering Center, allows LMM to more fully serve the more than 10,000 people a year that come to them for life-changing help, and expand its Social Enterprise Programming.        

Project Partners: Cuyahoga County; PNC

Project Details

Completed 2013
Location 4515 Superior Avenue; St. Clair-Superior Neighborhood
Project Type Social Service; Rehab
Program 46,774 SF community facility
Sponsor Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
CDA Investment $2.3 million from CDP II; $8 million NMTC allocation from CNMIF II; $2.5 million OH NMTC allocation
Total Project Costs $8 million
Community Demographics Poverty Rate: 41.5%
Median Income: 45.7%
Unemployment Rate: 23.6%


  • Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

    The project will pursue LEED Silver certification.

  • Goods or Services to Low Income Community

    The project allows for new services like a central kitchen that not only feeds the homeless but also provides a classroom to teach residents and recently release inmates restaurant job skills. In addition, it provides room to expand current job re-entry and youth programs for area residents.

  • Job Creation

    The project will create an additional 20 FTE jobs while retaining current staff of 60.

  • Accessible Public Transit

    The project is located on several major bus routes.