89th Rising Housing Development

The 89th Rising Housing Development will be the first modern, market rate rental development in the central part of Cleveland’s Fairfax neighborhood. It is being planned by a company founded by Timothy L. Tramble Sr., president of We Rise Development and a resident of the Fairfax neighborhood. Tramble is also president and CEO of the Saint Luke’s Foundation and has more than 20 years of community development experience. The project’s first phase will include 48 one- and two-bedroom market rate rental units along East 89th Street between Cedar and Quincy avenues. The apartments will be in six large structures designed to give the appearance of the rambling Victorian houses that once anchored the street. They will have large porches, gables, turrets and variegated facades.

Environmentally Sustainable Outcomes

This project will meet Enterprise Green Communities Criteria.

Neighborhood Revitalization

The project is apart of a larger development plan in the neighborhood. Converting 12 vacant parcels into residental units.

Executed Community Benefits Agreement

The project sponsor has committed to quantifiable community impacts by executing a Community Benefits Agreement.

He's lived on East 89th Street for 26 years. Now he plans to rebuild it.

Port Approves Capital Lease Incentive for Fairfax Neighborhood Apartment Project