Michael Hudecek

Michael supports the CDA team in both an asset management and project monitoring. He assists in reporting and compliance, monitors changes in regulation and best practices in the New Markets Tax Credit industry, and develops relationships with all parties to track projects from approval through closing and beyond.

Prior to joining Cleveland Development Advisors in 2018, Michael served as Entrepreneurship Manager at St. Clair Superior Development Corporation providing grants and small business advising to solopreneurs and micro-enterprises generating supplemental and primary incomes to residents and employees in the area. He established and maintained relationships with schools, organizations, local businesses, and key stakeholders to build a neighborhood entrepreneurship ecosystem for all ages. Michael brings extensive experience as a small business owner with close connections in the maker economy.

Michael has a BA in Political Science from Miami University with a strong focus on Public Administration and Urban and Regional Planning. His experiences growing up in the Detroit Shoreway neighborhood shaped his passion for ensuring equity and inclusion are at the forefront of Cleveland’s current and future development.