• Yvette Ittu
    Yvette Ittu President

    Yvette leads the organization’s effort in managing private sector investment in catalytic real estate development projects in Cleveland. Since 2000 she has managed the investment of over $370 million which has leveraged over $2.8 billion in additional public and private sector investment.

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  • Steve Luca
    Steve Luca Managing Vice President

    Steve focuses his efforts on establishing and maintaining strategic relationships, generating new business, and overseeing investment.  Read more

  • Cindy Binnig
    Cindy Binnig Vice President, Finance and Investor Relations

    Cindy is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with existing and potential investors in CDA funds.  This includes overseeing and preparation of all financial and investment information to investors.

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  • Jessica Coffey
    Jessica Coffey Vice President, Lending

    Jessica’s focus is to identify and review real estate and business development projects for investment consideration.  Read more

  • Michael Hudecek
    Michael Hudecek Director, Loan Compliance & Community Impact

    Michael supports the CDA team in both an asset management and project monitoring. He assists in reporting and compliance, monitors changes in regulation and best practices in the New Markets Tax Credit industry, and develops relationships with all parties to track projects from approval through closing and beyond.  Read more

  • Alexandra Malkin
    Alexandra Malkin Portfolio Compliance & Finance Coordinator

    Alexandra assists with portfolio compliance and finance coordination at CDA. In her role, she helps to ensure projects are moving forward in alignment with reporting terms and impacts determined.  Read more